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In this small development in Laindon there are 3 house types that you can choose from, each pre-assigned to a specific plot that suits the individual qualities of that house.

All planning permissions have been taken care of which will enable you to focus on the interior and exterior options that matter to you. There are two routes to customising your new home. The first is through the selection of  ‘à la Carte design options which have been developed by our architects. Once you have selected all of your option preferences, we build them and you move into your finished home. The second route involves a more DIY approach, where you arrange the fit out of you home yourself. These options are described in further detail below.

à la Carte Design

If you choose the à la Carte route you can select from a number of interior options, like an ensuite bathroom, a large bedroom instead of two small ones and different levels of environmental sustainability. In addition, there are some exterior options to choose from, like window and door materials and colours. Not all options are available in each design. We will present you with all the different options relating to your preferred house type and provide a fixed price for each option. This way you can easily understand what works within your budget. Our Customer Coach will guide you through the options and the architect will finalize the design. We will then build your house accordingly, handing you the keys to your finished home when it is ready for you to move into.

DIY Design

When you choose the DIY route, you will have maximum freedom in the layout and specification of the interior. Only the positions of the stairwell and the  utility risers are fixed. We will build the wind and weathertight shell, which means no services, fixtures or finishes on the inside. The DIY route gives you the opportunity to buy a house at a lower cost and complete the inside to suit your budget and the way you want to live with one of our partners, or by yourself, or with people you  know. When you are looking at what you can afford, make sure that you have budgeted for the fitout of the interior. Even though you are in charge, this doesn’t mean you have to do it alone! Our Customer Coach will be available to guide you through your journey and you can make use of our network of building and financing experts for advice.

1. Choose

Choose your plot with attached house design, housesize and route to continue.

DIY Design

à la Carte Design

6. Move in

 You move in to your custom-built home


At the moment we are assembling all the information, prices and plans for the various homes. We have a general timeline for the process of the sale, reservation period and realisation of the project. Click on each bullet to read more about what happens.

Please note that the timeline can change.

1. Orientation period – 6 weeks
Reserve a plot, choose house size and finish level. Investigate the available options and get a mortgage in principle.
2. Reservation period – 12 weeks
Finalise your options and fix the total price. Sort out the legals and secure your mortgage offer.
3. Exchange contracts and completion of foundation works – 6 weeks
4. Construction of the house – 6-9 months
5. Move in within 1,5 year after step 1

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Pound Lane Collaboration:

The development at Pound Lane Plots is a collaboration between two self-build developers, UK based Unboxed Homes and Netherlands based Steenvlinder, and three renowned British architectural firms, PTA Architects, MAE architects and AOC.

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